Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Carrier

you are a fucking retard if you haven't heard the carrier before because they have been one of the more interesting bands in modern hardcore for a couple of years now.
with some heavy yet melodic hardcore, the carrier are transforming anxiety and hate into music.
so if you haven't heard them before, its about fucking time.

One Year Later(2007)
No Love Can Save Me EP(2008)
Blind To What Is Right(2010)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Rites Of Spring - Discography

Hello. I'm new to this blog. I enjoy things and also some stuff. Some stuff i disdain and frown upon. Sometimes I do stuff, sometimes I don't.

First up are Rites Of Spring - a band you should either already know or get to know right after reading this. Rooted in the 80's DC hardcore scene and featuring members from defunct band Insurrection, they are often considered pioneers of "emotional hardcore". Guy Picciotto's voice sure is touching. "End On End" is a compilation, featuring both the LP and EP Rites Of Spring released in their two years together.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Regulations - To Be Me (2009)

Oldschool hardcore punk from Sweden with that 80's sound and raw vocals. The second song on the record called "Baghdad Beach Party" will blow your mind.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

I Hate Myself - Discography

Complete discography of the worlds most emotional band.
Oldschool emo/screamo from the states, just give it a try will you.


Friday, 21 January 2011

Midnight Souls

Epic melodic hardcore from Belgium.
For fans of Modern Life Is War, Life Long Tragedy and HopeCon.

Colder 7"

Thursday, 20 January 2011


This will be a night of insanity, blasting riffs and bleeding throats all in the name of the dark lord. You dont want to miss this.
You can find info about the show and how to get to the venue here.

Split with Goldust
The Inevitable Fear of Existence

NO OMEGA (swe)
melodic hardcore.
i can't find anything made by no omega but check their myspace here.

grindcore/powerviolence. i fucking love this band.
In Vino Veritas

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Mind Eraser - Glacial Reign (2006)


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Balance And Composure - Only Boundaries

post-hardcore without the screams and shitty lyrics. you should really give this record a listen. its amazing.

Surroundings - S/T (2010)

chaotic, dark and heavy - just the way i like it.
one of the best records released this year.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Gray Ghost - Deep In The Shallow End

if you havent heard this band before - you suck. get it. this kind of crust'ish hardcore is fucking awesome and i know you will love it.

Gå Vidare Till Norrmalmstorg - Fultjack!

swedens Gå Vidare Till Norrmalmstorg is all about fucking society up, if you love that 77-83 in-your-face hcpunk then this record is something you must have.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Veins - Demo

i'm not a big fan of youthcrew hardcore but this little fucker is amazing. raw, dirty and fast as fuck, you will be moshing all night long.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Brand New - Deja Entendu (2003)

Brand New is the soundtrack to summernights with your best friends, falling in and out of love and the will to never grow up.
mix SYG or any post-punk-pop-skate-hardcore-band with Bright Eyes and you will get this record. truly amazing.
download (rapidshare sucks i know, but this record was really hard to find.)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Have Heart - The Things We Carry (2006)

this record will always have a special place in my life and since this is my blog i can post what the hell i want. I saw HH 4 times before they split up and they where always fucking amazing on stage, everyone who talks shit about this band are fucking stupid. drop dead assholes.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Population Control - Never Sober EP

obnoxious as fuck, this band is all about pissing everyone off. just look at the fucking songtitels;

-Beat Women
-Commit Suicide
-Never Sober Intro
-Never Sober
-Vegan Faggot
-Wasted Life
-Thrash Til Death

i know you wanna check this shit out.

HATE/LIFE sampler

hardcore - postrock - grind - sludge, this sampler is full of good shit, get it.

1 - Anorak "some skirts"
2 - Arms of ra "pyramids"
3 - Art of burning water "only chocking"
4 - As we draw "way down"
5 - Birds in row "orange disease"
6 - Bloodkitt "void woods, skin roads"
7 - Bone dance "birds singing"
8 - Celeste "il y a bien des porcs que ca ferait bander de t'étouffer"
9 - Chère catastrophe "party time"
10 - Danishmendt "chutes"
11 - Dreams of the drowned "liquids of apathy"
12 - Elitist "back to the funeral"
13 - Exilym "man never went to the moon"
14 - Hky "monument inversion"
15 - Huata "alchemist reborn"
16 - Mygirlfriendisawatermelon "you should try"
17 - Nesseria "par pertes et profits"
18 - Pigeon "anchorite"
19 - Plebeian grandstand "ordo ab chao"
20 - Pretty mary dies "to the bomb"
21 - Quartier rouge "douche dorée"
22 - Reno "is this a turning point or just the end?"
23 - Rqtn "n3"
24 - Sickbag "scar manifesto"
25 - Stuntman "draw the portrait"
26 - Totorro "my bob's blue eye"
27 - Xnoybis "picardian fight song"

Vestiges - The Descent Of Man

if you like Fall of Efrafa, you will love this.

Low Places - Violent Hunger

a new band out of Los Angeles called Low Places (members of CTL and Duke Nukem Forever) has just made their first EP Violent Hunger and they wanted me to check it out and i loved it from the very first second.
for fans of Cursed, Mind Eraser, & Tragedy. Get the fuck into this.

Full of Hell - The Inevitable Fear of Existence (2010)

this came in my mail today from Full of Hell;
"We're a new band based out of Ocean City, MD and Central PA and we're trying to get the word out about our record that was released in July. The record was pressed out of 300 on Get This Right Records, and a few copies of the first pressing is still available. We wanted to send the tracks out to you to check out and for reviewing purposes if interested."

of course i checked the record out and it was really fucking good, they sound like the missing link between Ceremony and Trash Talk.
Raw, pissed and bonecrushing hardcore, check em out for yourselves fuckers!